January 1, 2018

Basal Body Thermometers

Which BBT should I choose?

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Digital Thermometer

When purchasing a digital BBT, make sure it provides two digits after the decimal point, for example 97.26 F or 36.43 C
Some of my current favorites are

Basic Thermometer
Backlit Thermometer
Backlit Thermometer with memory recall

When I started with Fertility Awareness I had a BBT similar to the first one but forgot it at a hotel about a year into my journey, so I purchased the third one I linked and I still use that one!

Glass Thermometer

While I’ve never personally used a glass thermometer, I know many charters and Fertility Awareness Educators swear by them. You can check out the links below for a Fahrenheit and Celcius glass BBT!

Justisse Website
Celcius/Fahrenheit BBT

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