Text says "Top 5 Tips for Starting Charting" over an image of a Fertility Chart

My Top 5 Tips for Starting Charting - A Beginner’s Guide to Start Paying Attention to Your Fertile Signs

Whether you're brand new to fertility awareness or you've already committed to charting your cycles, this guide will give you a great starting point!

Text says Top 5 Tips to Conceive Naturally over the image of a pregnant belly

My Top 5 Tips to Conceive Naturally

Sometimes fertility challenges can be complex and take targeted support. Sometimes it's just a matter of covering your bases! This guide will make sure you are taking care of the essentials before moving on to expensive and exhausting procedures!

FAM 101 - What is Fertility Awareness?

When I decided to ditch the pill because I started to have a hunch that it was somehow altering the person I was, I literally googled “natural birth control”. And among several websites that promoted one form or another of calculation or calendar based methods, I also happened to stumble upon a few blog articles about Fertility Awareness!

Read Your Body

The Read Your Body app is the charting app I was waiting for. Having tried out so many different apps that either use algorithms or predictions, or just weren’t very customizable - RYB is every charter’s dream!

Not only can you add custom info lines for tracking your cycle or lifestyle (which other charting apps allow you to do as well), but you can customize every aspect of cervical mucus charting to fit your method.

Ask me about how you can get THREE free months of charting with RYB!