Avoid Pregnancy With Fertility Awareness

Are you ready to feel 100% confident in your cervical mucus observations so you can avoid pregnancy with ease? Do you want to chart your cycles to gain more insight into your overall health?

Avoid Pregnancy with Fertility Awareness might be a great fit for you!

During this 4-month program you will:

  • Learn to chart your menstrual cycles with the Justisse Method, so you can avoid pregnancy effectively (99.6% !!)
  • Gain insight into your overall health by recognizing the menstrual cycle as a fifth vital sign.
  • Achieve body literacy - learning to read your body is a skill you will have for life!
  • Have the continued support to maximize your learning and get confident with your observations.

Our time together includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Justisse Method Introductory Presentation (JMIP) Video Course.
  • 1 intake session ~ 90 minutes 
  • 6 follow up sessions ~ 45 minutes each 
  • Private messaging (Slack channel) for personalized in-between session support.
  • Access to bonus video lessons as I record them.
  • Holistic sexual and reproductive health counseling and support.
  • Chart review and interpretation.
  • Justisse Method Charting Kit including either several paper charts and Justisse Stamps or 3 free months with the Read Your Body charting app.
  • Option to purchase additional sessions at a discount.

Follow Up Session (FUS) Schedule

  • Week 1: Client Intake - 90 min
  • Week 2: FUS 1
  • Week 4: FUS 2
  • Week 6: FUS 3
  • Week 9: FUS 4
  • Week 12: FUS 5
  • Week 18: FUS 6

Your investment: $2,000 in full or $550/month for 4 months

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Amy, I’m brand new to Fertility Awareness - do I need any experience or background knowledge before taking this program?

You do not! I’ve included a 5-part video course as part of this program which will give you all the foundational information you need to chart your cycles with the Justisse Method (a sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness). During our live sessions we will cover additional information and go over your charting questions.

Amy, I’ve been charting my cycles on my own or with a different method for a while, will I still benefit from taking your program?

Yes! The Justisse Method is a very detailed method for charting cervical mucus and using the menstrual cycle chart as a tool to gain deeper insight into your overall health. With the Justisse Method, there is a notation for everything that might come out of your vagina!

I actually learned FA on my own and charted my cycles for over a year before I took a course and it made such a difference in my confidence to avoid pregnancy with this method! 

Amy, I really don’t have any use for avoiding or achieving pregnancy - I just want to understand my cycles, get rid of my PMS, or plan my work/school/workouts around my cycles!

Perfect! You can still sign up for this program. We will still cover the basic anatomy & physiology of the menstrual cycle which by nature involves reproduction. But instead of focusing on strategies to avoid pregnancy we will use our time to optimize your hormones, address any concerns you might have about your cycle, and brainstorm ways you can sync your life and cycle for optimal performance and rest!